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Where do your old tyres go?

Did you know that every year the equivalent of 48 million tyres reach the end of their life in Australia? However only about 16% of these tyres are domestically recycled. The remaining used tyres end up in landfill, are stockpiled, illegally dumped, exported overseas or have an unknown fate.

Did you know that Stawell in Victoria is home to one of the world's largest tyre dumps? Not really an achievement to be proud of and certainly not something we expect to see on anyone's Top 10 Places in Victoria to visit.

According to the Boomerang Alliance (Putting the Brakes on Toxic Tyres campaign), "Six out of 10 tyre retailers in Victoria are using dodgy operators to dump, burn or smuggle their waste tyres. Their failure to use legitimate recyclers have caused  at least six tyre fires and millions of dollars in property damage".

At Pablo's we are committed to the responsible disposal of old tyres. We use the services of Tyrecycle, the largest collector and recycler of end of life tyres in Australia and a member of the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association. So when you have new tyres fitted at Pablo's you can be confident that the old tyres you leave with us are being disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

We do not pass our tyre recycling fees to you, our customer.

For our customers who like to fit their own new tyres; check out PlanetArk for tyre recycling collection centres near you.