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Why You Need Preventative Motorcycle Servicing in Melbourne

No matter how well you care for your motorbike, there’s some amount of wear and tear that’s just unavoidable. For hardworking bikes, tyres are often the first to go. Whether you’re racing your motorcycle or just using it for weekend road trips, maintaining your tyres keeps you safe and can prevent much costlier (and more dangerous) issues in future.

At Pablo’s Motorcycle Tyres, this is our mainstay. While we offer all kinds of service on motorcycles, tyre fitting, replacements, and inspections make up the bulk of our work. There are a couple of common types of wear you’ll want to anticipate. One of the most common causes of motorcycle tyre wear is due to over or under inflation. Not having the right pressure in your tyres impacts the amount of rubber in contact with the road and the overall performance of your motorcycle tyres. Another cause could be the age of your tyres. Generally, motorcycle tyres will last for five years before performance starts to degrade. So even if your old motorcycle tyres look okay we suggest you replace them to keep your motorbike safe.

As you can probably tell, many problems with tyres are exacerbated by ill-fitting and under- or over-inflating. It’s so important to get your tyres checked regularly even if you don’t need repairs right away. At Pablo’s we can check your tyres and advise you on whether you have a wear problem, need your tyres replaced or are travelling just fine. Just get in touch with us here or stop by our service centre in Mulgrave to get your tyres checked today.

In addition to routine service and repair, our talented team can help with a variety of motorcycle servicing in Melbourne. If you’ve just had an unfortunate accident, we can get you back on the road with speedy and reliable crash repairs.