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Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate

Need a Certificate of Roadworthiness?  Call Us to Book in a Roadworthy Inspection.

As a licensed Vehicle Tester, Pablo's can perform Roadworthy Inspections and issue Certificates of Roadworthiness in line with the VicRoads Roadworthiness Requirements.

A Certificate of Roadworthiness is required when a registered motorcycle is sold (changes ownership) or if a used motorcycle is to be re-registered.  You may also need a Certificate of Roadworthiness to clear a Defect Notice or a Notice of Unroadworthiness.


When performing a Roadworthy Inspection we check your motorcycle to ensure key components are not worn or deteriorated and whether it is safe for normal road use. It is important to know that a Roadworthy Inspection is not a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of the motorcycle.

A roadworthy inspection mainly covers the major safety-related items, including:

  • exhaust noise
  • wheels & tyres
  • steering, suspension & braking systems
  • safety related items on body chassis or engine
  • lamps & reflectors
  • windscreen
  • structure of the motorcycle itself
  • seats

Certificate of Roadworthiness

If your motorcycle passes the Roadworthy Inspection we will issue you with a Certificate of Roadworthiness which is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

If any key components do not meet the required standards we will advise you of the faults and an estimate of the cost for us to fix these to ensure the standards are met. Otherwise, you have seven days to have the faults rectified and the motorcycle returned to us to reinspect for free.

Get Your Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate Done in Melbourne

As a motorbike owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your motorbike is roadworthy before you sell it. It’s also required to get back on the road after your bike has been declared unroadworthy due to an accident. Whether you need to clear a defect notice on a bike that’s been repaired or refurbished, or are getting ready to sell, it’s easy to get your motorcycle Roadworthy in Melbourne.

With over 30 years of experience across a wide array of makes and models, Pablo’s Motorcycle Tyres has you covered. As a licensed Vehicle Tester, our trusted team of mechanics can perform a roadworthy inspection on your vehicle and issue a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) per VicRoads Roadworthiness Requirements. So, if you need to get your motorcycle roadworthy in Melbourne, bring your motorbike over to our service centre and get your motorcycle RWC taken care of by an experienced team of mechanics.

We’ll check critical components of your motorbike such as the suspension, tyres, and braking system to determine if they’re up to the minimal standards for use. If your motorcycle passes the inspection, we can issue a Certificate of Roadworthiness that’s valid for 30 days. If we do find components that aren’t up to standard, we’ll detail the faults found for you and provide an estimate for repairs that we can perform in-house. To learn more about roadworthiness requirements or to schedule an inspection for an upcoming sale, get in touch with Pablo’s team today.


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