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Pressuring Washing and Wheel Bearings don't mix!


Keeping your motorbike clean is an important part of maintaining your ride. Removing all the grime, bugs and mud off your motorbike gives you the opportunity to check nothing is broken, no screws or nuts are missing or there are no leaks.

But before you take that pressure hose to you motorbike to blast off all that dirt, pause for a second. Pressure washing areas where there are seals can cause water and dirt to build up in these areas resulting in rust and bearing wear.

We have seen our fair share of rusted out Dirt Bike rims and damaged wheel bearings caused by over zealous pressure washing and failing to lubricate bearings. If your wheel bearings are damaged you might notice your motorbike is handling like it has a flat tyre or braking isn't working as it should.

Riding with damaged wheel bearings can cause the rear wheel to lock, throw the chain, break the side case and destroy the hub - this can all add up to a pretty expensive repair bill (or worst case; hospital bill).

To prevent any damage, avoid pressure washing any areas where there are seals, bearings or linkages. However, if you do pressure wash these areas try to do this holding the pressure nozzle at a distance and not right next to these areas. Also make sure you check and lubricate these areas on a regular basis.

So if your motorbike is not handling as it should and seems to be "wallowing", come and talk to us - it might be your wheel bearings.

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  • Rick Johnson