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Are your tyres ready for Winter Conditions?


Here in Melbourne the cold weather is starting to kick in and if you are a winter road rider now is the time to start thinking about making sure you have the right tyres for winter conditions. Many choose to put their motorcycles into hibernation for the colder season but for those of you who ride in all seasons it is important to make sure the only things between you and the road are suitable for winter road conditions.

As the temperatures become cooler and the roads more slippery you want to be 100% confident your tyres have the traction you need to ride safely in these conditions.

Here are a couple of things it is important for you to check

Tread Pattern Depth: Whilst the minimum tread pattern depth is 1.5 mm the deeper the tread the better the tyre is at dispersing water - so don't wait until you get right down to the wear markers in winter before replacing.

Tread Pattern Wear: Check your tyres' tread pattern wear. Uneven tyre wear will effect the performance and life of your tyres. An uneven tyre pattern wear may be due to incorrect tyre pressure or potential issues with your forks/suspension.

Tyre Pressure: We recommend you regularly check your tyre pressure to ensure they are correctly inflated. Check the pressures when the tyres are cold - easiest to do first thing before you ride your motorcycle. If you check your tyre pressure after a ride wait at least an hour after you last rode your motorcycle.

Valve Cores and Caps: Poorly sealed or worn valve cores can lead to tyre pressure loss - look to have these tightened or replaced.

Overall Tyre Condition: Look for cracks, splits, nails or other objects embedded in the tread. If you find any of these come into see us as soon as possible to look at your tyres - chances are you have a problem with your tyres which left unresolved could become dangerous.

If you unsure if your tyres are up to the task for winter conditions come into see us and we will do a complimentary tyre check.

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  • Rick Johnson